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  • Modular Ducting, Modular Ducting Systems, Modular Pipework Systems, Bulk Goods Handling, Dust-Extraction, Ventilation Plant, Mumbai, India


    ?nbsp; Bulk Goods Handling
    ?nbsp; Dust-Extraction 
    ?nbsp; Ventilation Plant 

    Positive Benefits for your daily work?/b>
    ?nbsp; Shorter Assembly times
    ?nbsp; Reduce the Size of your Stock-Holding
    ?nbsp; Reduce the amount of planning

    Authorized Distributor for India of  :
    Modular Ducting Systems, Bulk Goods Handling, Dust-Extraction , Ventilation Plant, Modular Pipe Work System, Mumbai, India

    Gravity conveying of bulk goods
    Like grain, seeds, flour, coffee beans, coffee powder, peanuts, salt, sugar, spices, washing powder, granulated plastics and powders, manure droppings, dry sewage mud etc.

    Extraction of harmful substances
    Like dust, steam and solvents

    Low pressure conveying
    Suitable for polystyrene, tobacco, wood and metal chippings, plastics, paper fragments.

    Air conveying
    Suitable for plants with compressed air e.g. paper control of printing machines, with warm air for process heating, with air for cooling down of aggregates.

    The QUICK CONNECT?/sup>Pull-ring makes the acclaimed JACOB modular pipe work system even more economical during installation.

    In new plants as well as for up gradation existing layouts, user-friendly system installation becomes precise and easy

    Tight . Solid . highly economical 

    Modular Ducting Systems

    Original Quality in a Modular Design

    • Straight welded, lipped-end & components.
    • Diameters from 80 to 630 mm.
    • From diameters 350 mm available also with flange connection.
    • 1 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm wall thickness.
    • Shock-explosion certified pipe work.
    • Primer-painted or hot-dip galvanized mild-steel & stainless Steel.
    • From 80 to 400 mm diameter, normally dispatched immediately from stock.

    Europe's No.1  In Modular Pipework Systems

    Modular Ducting Systems

    The Cost Effective Enamel For Aggressive Exhaust Air & Waste Water

    Modular Ducting Systems

    • High Thermal loading up to 200oC
    • High long-term resistance
    • No material embitterment typical of plastic
    • High safety factor in the case of fire
    • Easy-to-clean and anti-adhesive Fracture-proof.
    • Smooth surfaces to counteract abrasion

    Why Modular Ducting

    Click-& the quick connect pull-ring is in place.  The solid & economically shaped grip enables the toggle clip to be opened & closed firmly & without the risk of injury.  Time & Tim again.
    Modular Ducting Systems
    Thanks to the overlaps on the ends  of the ring & combined with the new design "U" shaped seal, the new quick connect ring provides the greatest possible freedom from leaks.
    Modular Ducting Systems
    The strength of the new quick connect pulling has been certified by the independent specialist institute DMT.  When tigthened with 10 Nm, It has an explosion pressure resistance of 3 bar.
    Modular Ducting Systems